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Become a part of the process!

Craig Houghton is now on Patreon!

Become a part of the process by visiting my Patreon page. It’s like a Kickstarter for creative types. You can always pledge more and get all sorts of rewards, but for just a dollar you become a patron, supporting what I do. I use the money for art supplies or just to make up for spending most of my free time learning and growing as an artist, something that I think adds value to the world but not to the wallet (quite the opposite, in fact).  Patron-only updates will absolutely include behind-the-scenes pics and videos. I’ve been posting nearly daily to my own internal group of friends and supporters, but now, using Patreon, I’m expanding that circle to bring in fans and supporters.  Hope to see you there!

Also this –> Everyone who signs up as a patron (all levels) during September 2016 may contact me for your own tiny, unknown, and one of a kind digital sketch that I’ll never post elsewhere.


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