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Review of Signature Collection English Breakfast by Wissotzky Tea


Signature Collection English Breakfast by Wissotzky Tea

Manufacturer’s description: The sun never sets on this bright and perky British blend of black tea leaves. Carefully selected by our tea experts from the best plantations of Ceylon and India, this fine tea is rich and complex yet perfectly balanced to refresh. Enjoy with or without milk and sugar.
My Score: 85/100
Review: I opened the box and found a bag. Ugh. I did it again, I bought a bagged tea that comes in a non-resealable bag. I’m fine with loose tea that needs its own container, but I use tea bags differently, and it’s no fun having to keep them in an airtight container. I want tea bags to be portable and something I can store in a drawer in my office so that I have a wide selection available at any time without much fuss. Also, while the satchets are satchets and not bags, they’re small and extremely restrictive.
The scent of this strikingly red, black tea is sharp and woody. It smelled like there would be a lot of tannins, leaving me with a less smooth aftertaste and a lip-smack, but the tea was surprisingly drinkable and smooth. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a non-loose English Breakfast tea that’s been so well balanced. I’m not really certain what the safflower brings to the table aside from color, although I worried it might upset my ragweed allergy (it didn’t).


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