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Review of Cholesterid (Yunnan Tuocha) by Triple Leaf Tea


Cholesterid (Yunnan Tuocha) by Triple Leaf Tea

Manufacturer’s description: It is grown in the Yunnan province of southern China. “Tuo cha” means bowl-shaped tea. It refers to the method of shaping the pu-erh tea during drying.
My Score: 57/100
Review: So, this is a tea I picked up at a fairly local Asian supermarket. I’d finished all the pu-erh, and I wanted to be sure we had some in the house. This met all the technical specifications and it came home with my wife and me. It’s fine, not like fine as in quality, but fine as in adequate. This is an adequate tea.
Expect a small tea bag wrapped in paper with some dusty flakes that smell a bit musty. After brewing this smells more like leather, although it tastes mild and sweetens comfortably.


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