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Review of Brown Rice Green Tea by Yamamotoyama

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Brown Rice Green Tea by Yamamotoyama

Manufacturer’s description: Our Genmai-cha captures the finest blend of premium green tea and roasted rice. Enjoy its delicately toasted nutty flavor and aroma. We’re sure you’ll experience this tea to be wonderfully flavorful.
My Score: 81/100
Review: I buy this in 16 count boxes of well sealed individual pouches from my (more or less) local Asian supermarket. It’s amazingly inexpensive, dependable, and it reminds me of Honey Smacks. I get that smacks are puffed wheat instead of rice but tell that to my brain.
When I’m not looking for an adventure of some kind and just want to idle on tasty, I pick this green tea and enjoy the toasty goodness. The tea itself is rather mild and vegetable, perfect for when you’re looking to simply hydrate and stay tea-headed all day while doing something else but you also have a sweet-toothed craving for all-day carbs.


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