Short Fiction
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Standalone Stories

I’m throwing just about anything here. If there’s a reason to do so, I’ll break them out. Otherwise, just check out the descriptions until you find something you find interesting.

Hunter’s Eye

A fantasy short about an aging hunter. (Fantasy, 700 words) 

Megalodon Bean

For better or worse, born of a “megalodon bean” art prompt. (Short fiction, 1050 words)

Halo of Gold

Sometimes it’s hard to see clearly when the sun’s in your eyes. Keep driving. (Short fiction, 2600 words)


Even the most pliant characters don’t always play along. (Short fiction, 550 words) 

The Shell Heap

I was reading way too much early 19th century fiction when I wrote this story.(Allegorical Fiction, 2k words, Orig. printed in RemorseCodeBlues, 2006) 


Mina Paradis Stories

Stories set in the universe of the Captain’s Door and The Tailor’s Thread. These aren’t all necessarily connected to Mina Paradis and her crew, but those familiar with her story might enjoy these best.

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